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Library Aide Syllabus

Library Aide Syllabus 2021-22


Welcome to the library!


As a library aide, you are an important person who helps with the operation of the Iola High School Library Program.  If you have questions or concerns, please ask Mrs. Kipp.


You must follow the same library rules as other students.

  1. No food is allowed in the library.
  2. Loud talking is discouraged.
  3. Show respect to others.
  4. Use materials and computers with care.
  5. Get permission to use cell phone.

Plus, if you need to leave the library for the restroom, a drink, or another reason, always get permission from Mrs. Kipp.


Because you will not be busy with library tasks during the entire period, please bring class work or something to read.  In case you need to make up a test or want help with an assignment during library aide time, please arrange for this ahead of time with your teacher.  You will need to remain in the main part of the library or in the workroom – no hanging out in the Commons. You are welcome to use any of the library resources.  However, if a class is scheduled to use the computers in the library, you may not have access to a computer.


All library aides will wear ID tags while running errands for the library or office.


Following is a list of some of the tasks you may do as a library aide.

  • Shelve library materials
  • Make copies
  • Assemble and staple copies
  • Trim laminated items
  • Deliver equipment and materials to classrooms
  • Pick up equipment from classrooms
  • Run errands to the Iola Public Library or the Iola Middle School
  • Help with the discard of old materials

You also may do other tasks as the need arises.



Library Aide is worth ¼ credit each semester.  Your grade will be determined by daily participation points.

Daily participation points:  5 points maximum

5 points      Follow library and school rules, perform assigned library tasks, and have class materials or a library book for study time. 

4 points     Meet 2 of the 3 above criteria.

3 points     Meet 1 of the 3 above criteria.

0 points     None of the 3 criteria have been met.


Absences are not figured in the student’s grade, but attendance is important.