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Welcome to Forensics / Speech & Drama 

An Academic Sport

The activity of speech and debate is an academic sport. Similar to athletic sports, speech and debate activities are challenging, competitive in nature, and require regular practice, coaching, dedication, and hard work.

There are many different activities involved in speech and debate from Humorous and Dramatic Interpretations to Original Oratory, Congressional Debate, Public Forum and many more. Each event features a different form of public speaking and requires a unique skill set and talent. In most parts of the country, there are local opportunities for students to practice their events at tournaments throughout the school year. Additionally, there are district tournaments that offer the opportunity to qualify for the championship at the National Tournament.

The life skills and values gained through speech and debate impact a student the rest of their life.

State Qualifiers:

Prose: Emma Wesloh, Parker Smith and Ella Taylor

Poetry: Karly Mcguffin

Duet: Lexie Vega and Zachary Cokely                                                                                                                                                                                         Sadrie Overall and Gaby Lampe

Humorous solo: Allie Fager and River Hess

Serious Solo: Glenn Riddle

Oriation: Isaiah Wicoff



Players is an extracurricular activity that promotes forensics and drama. They host the Little Oscars in May. Like forensics, players focuses on academic skills like, brain storming and creativity. Players has the annual rock, paper, scissors challenge every year.  Players also does fundraising that helps practice kids for business skills.

Little Oscars:

Little Oscars is a “Mini Oscars” hosted in May. Rewarding the student who put in effort for forensics, or who preform or work in the high school plays. There is a banquet and afterward their is an award cermony for friends and families who get to watch their kids preform and see if they got an award for what their nominated for. There is the great John Higgenbothom who does a wonderful preformance for all. Little Oscars is something that shouldn’t be missed

Please try out Players or Forensics! You won’t regret it!



For more information contact Mrs. Regina Chriestenson. 

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