Student Body President: Karly McGuffin
Student Body V-President: Katie Bauer
Student Body Secretary: Olivia Taylor
Student Body Treasurer: Isaiah Wicoff

Senior Class:
President: Madison Carlin
Vice-President: Chloe Wilson
Secretary: Sloan Geddry
Treasurer: Erin Klubek Class Reps: Colbi Riley

Junior Class:
President: Piper Moore Vice-President: Cole Regehr
Secretary: Jennifer Tidd
Treasurer: Mia Aronson
Class Reps: Dalton Kerr & Emmie Brant

Sophomore Class:
President: Ella Taylor Vice-President: Brody Nemecek
Secretary: Gabby Richards
Treasurer: Allie Fager
Class Reps: Lexie Vega & Jiejie Burleson

Freshman Class:
Treasurer: Class Reps: 

Honorary Member:

Possible Honorary Members:

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