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Competetive Chess

Getting Serious?  Every Wednesday after school ends, students interested in competitive play stay to play more serious games, discuss strategies, and gain valuable experience.  Students typically stay from 2:45 until 4 PM.

In the 2019- 2020 school year, the competitive team plans to attend 4 or more tournaments, spanning through the fall and winter seasons.  

Recent Competitive Chess began in the fall of 2018 when 3 students attended the longest consecutive running high school tournament at Chanute High School.  

Chess is not a KSHAA sanctioned sport, however, tournaments are governed by United Chess Federation rules. Tournaments use the Swiss system of advanced pairing, and everyone plays rounds.  A win earns one point, a draw results in a ½ point.  The top four scores from each school are totaled for a team score.  Competitive students receive a UCF rating.

For a History of Kansas Scholastic Chess, see


Before going to a tournament, students are required to practice notation.  Students must take their own notation so they can recreate the game and learn from it later.

Students learn to use the game clock to their advantage.  

Clock it