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Choir and Singers

Welcome to Choir and Singers with Miss Elizabeth Cunningham

1 year 1 credit
Prerequisite: none
Grade Level: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior
The high school concert choir of mixed voices offers students who enjoy singing, .an opportunity to improve their voice and a chance to develop their capabilities. Basic concepts in correct vocal production and reading proficiency will be stressed. A baJanced variety of choral literature will be offered with performances given during the year.

1 year 1 credit
Prerequisite: Audition1 and choir (auditions held in 3rd nine weeks for following year)
Grade Level: Sophomore/Junior/Senior
The I.H.S. Singers is a performance oriented small mixed ensemble of twelve to sixteen members. It offers students the opportunity to perform pop, jazz, and madrigal styles of literature, with accompanying choreography. Members are selected on singing ability, and/ or instrumental capabilities, stage presence, movement, and general musicality. Performances throughout the year: Outfit required