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Course Information

Teacher Information

½ of an elective credit

Name: Mrs. Belknap

Class Location: Room 306

School Phone: 620-365-4715


Plan: 5th hour


Course Description:

Seminar is designed to give students time to prepare, organize, study, and work on homework. It is also a time to set goals, prepare for the future, and work on building character.


Student Evaluation:

The grading system for seminar at Iola High School is as follows:

5 points for bringing something to work on, working diligently, and following seminar procedures.

4 points for doing 2 of the above.

3 points for doing 1 of the above.

0 points for failing to do any of the above.


Classroom Expectations

We will follow the IHS PRIDE acronym in this classroom.

  1. PUNCTUALITY: Arrive to class on time prepared with your assignments, book, and/or notes to study.
  2. RESPECT: Respect your classmates and teacher. This includes words, tone, actions, etc.
  3. INTEGRITY: Be responsible for your actions and be the young adult you should be.
  4. DILIGENCE: Give your all, all the time. Work hard and it will pay off.
  5. EXCELLENCE: Ask questions if you don’t understand. No one is great at everything.


Contact Amanda Belknap

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6th Hour Plan, before/after school

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