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Freshmen Seminar

Course Information

Teacher Information

½ of an elective credit

Name: Mrs. Belknap

Class Location: Room 306

School Phone: 620-365-4715


Plan: 5th hour

Recent Seminar Connection Projects:

Medal of Honor: Heroes Presentation

‘What is Success?’ Project


Course Description:

Seminar is designed to give students time to prepare, organize, study, and work on homework. It is also a time to set goals, prepare for the future, and work on building character.


Student Evaluation:

The grading system for seminar Tuesday-Friday at Iola High School is as follows:

5 points for bringing something to work on, working diligently, and following seminar procedures.

4 points for doing 2 of the above.

3 points for doing 1 of the above.

0 points for failing to do any of the above.

On Mondays, we will set goals, conference, and graph grades from the previous week. This will help you to see patterns in work habits and prepare for student-led conferences in October and February. We may also do a character lesson some weeks. Mondays will be graded based on plotting grades, setting goals, and discussions.


Classroom Expectations

We will follow the IHS PRIDE acronym in this classroom.

  1. PUNCTUALITY: Arrive to class on time prepared with your assignments, book, and/or notes to study.
  2. RESPECT: Respect your classmates and teacher. This includes words, tone, actions, etc.
  3. INTEGRITY: Be responsible for your actions and be the young adult you should be.
  4. DILIGENCE: Give your all, all the time. Work hard and it will pay off.
  5. EXCELLENCE: Ask questions if you don’t understand. No one is great at everything.


Contact Amanda Belknap

Classroom Number:
School Phone:
(620) 365-4715
Conference Time:
5th hour or after school

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