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Tony Tabares

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1 year 1 credit
Prerequisite: none
Grade Level: Freshman/ Sophomore/Junior I Senior
First year Spanish entails learning approximately 1500 vocabulary words. Students will learn to put these vocabulary words together into Spanish sentences and be able to communicate in Spanish on a beginning level. Students will be able to interact with other students in Spanish on various subjects; such as the family, the house, clothing and other relative topics. Some grammar will be studied; primarily subject verb conjugations. Lastly, as the student studies Spanish, the student will
become aware of the cultural differences between the Spanish and English languages.

1 year 1 credit
Prerequisite: Spanish I
Grade Level: Sophomore/Junior/Senior
Second year Spanish is a refining of the language. More emphasis will be placed on grammar as we continually work on conversing in Spanish. Students will be responsible for daily presentations on selected topics to be done in Spanish. Continual culture awareness will be discovered.


1 year 1 credit

Prerequisite: Spanish I, Spanish II

Grade Level: Junior/Senior

Third year Spanish has a major emphasis in speaking and conversing in Spanish.  Some writing will help in evaluating successful transistion of gramamar. Students will be responsible for presenting orally in Spanish on a daily basis. Students will also be responsible for reading a Spanish piece of literature and giving oral summarizations of their readings in Spanish.  Students will also present a Spanish project in Spanish at the end of the year.


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