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Daily Schedule

Mr. Hermstein's  

2020-2021 Class Schedule

Expectations: I care that my students learn – and do so at a high level! All facets of my educational practices including instructional methods; content levels; and evaluation practices are all designed to ensure that every child leans at their appropriate level. 

Each class is provided a class syllabus. 


1 Hour:  ACC World History (Dual Credit) – (1st Sem) Western Civilization to 1500; (2nd Sem) Western Civilization to the Present. (10th Grade) 

2 Hour: ACC American Government (Dual Credit) – (1st Sem) American Government; )2nd Sem) State and Local Government. (12th Grade)

3 Hour: American Government (General Ed) – Full Year. (12th Grade)

4 Hour: ACC American History (Dual Credit) – (1st Sem) America to 1865; (2nd Sem) America Since 1865. (11th Grade)

5 Hour: American Government (General Ed) – Full Year. (12th Grade)

6 Hour: American Government (General Ed) – Full Year. (12th Grade)

7 Hour: Plan Period

Seminar  (9th grade)        


Please feel free to contact me and/or (620) 365-4715; Cell phone 620.212.1598. 

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