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Crane's Composition Rules




  • All assignments will be word-processed in 12-point font and will be double-spaced.  If you do not know how to type, it is time to learn.
  • Make a copy of all papers you submit.  Save all the marked papers for the entire semester.
  • Assignments turned in late will lose a letter grade per class period.  Being absent is not an excuse for being unprepared.  It is your responsibility to determine what was missed and to do the work in a timely manner.
  • Some papers will be peer-edited at the pre-writing stage.   These strategies are designed to improve your writing skills. 
  • If you compose at home, do not depend on printing from a flash drive or disk.  Sometimes glitches and incompatibilities occur.  It is wise to e-mail your paper to your school e-mail account.  An e-mail paper does NOT take the place of a hard copy.  It is your obligation to turn in a hard copy to the instructor.  Only in case of hospitalization or lengthy illness will e-mail copies be graded for credit.
  • Please include the following information in a header at the top left corner of the first page of every document you submit. 

            Student Name


            Name of Class

            Date  (in this format) 20 Aug 2014

  • Please feel free to come by my classroom, Room 203, before or after school to discuss any problems you have.  I am happy to stay after school to provide computer time for compositions.